Christmas Cards, photographed by me and designed by 'us'....

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Personalized Christmas/Holiday Season Cards 2018

With Christmas and the Holiday Season fast approaching, it is often a nice touch to have a personalized card. Whether you are a business selling a product a service or a lifestyle, or just someone who loves their horse or pet, together we can create your unique card in time to send to customers, friends, and family.

Give me a call to discuss a shoot and design brief, and make your Christmas Message zing!


Christmas 2018Create and Design your unique card with me!I can organise a personal shoot for you or your business, design your bespoke Christmas 2018 card, just call me to arrange a creative brief.

Time for change

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Time for changeTime for changeMy inspiration... Embracing change ... 

You get to a point in your life when, sometimes things change... you either embrace it or you don't. Being a single mother of my two children and running my own business has been a challenge over the past few years. But I never shy away from a challenge! Today on the 100th anniversary of the first women to obtain a vote I have decided to relaunch my brand under my maiden name 'Seymour' ... a friend told me recently... "never shy away from who you are and what you believe", she is also a brilliant female photographer!

Reverting to my name of birth after my divorce was one I put off, as my family and I have strived to make a new life for ourselves. Today I celebrate who I am right now! A strong and confident mother of two, who loves her work as much as she loves life! Knowing that women all over the world are reaching out to achieve their own goals, smashing ceilings and believing in themselves! It seems fitting on #100years celebrating strong women, who broke down perceptions and barriers and fought for change, that I launch my new brand.

I continue to challenge perceptions and strive to be the best photographer I can be.

So for all my clients and friends who have supported me thank you!

Welcome to Ann Seymour Photography, 2018.

New and old friends made at Musicians Against Homelessness - Cardiff October 2016

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I first heard about this through my photography at The Tabernacle, Talgarth. Owned by Kate Holmes and Alan McGee, I have been busy documenting the bands and performers who have walked through it's hallowed doors since they opened back in May 2014. Alan is the Patron of the charity who's brainchild is Emma Rule. I was invited to do the official photography for the Musicians Against Homelessness Event in Cardiff during a meeting with event organiser Joanna Jones and Danny Blakemore at a Tabernacle gig. 
I agreed, and on a sunny Saturday afternoon, made my way to Portland House (the old Nat West building) close to the Pier Head and Millennium Centre.
At 3.30 a whole procession of acts took to the stage to debut old and new music to an ever changing and flowing crowd. Some of the highlights for me were 'Chapel Row' who recently signed their first management deal with Leeders Music Group. With a great set from the Scott Howells Band, who I first met in The Tabernacle and many more from bands such as Upbeat Sneakers, Local Enemy, Hierarchy, The Riff to name but a few, the event was great. The finale was a set my The Oasis Experience, led by Degsy Williamson, and consisting of well known singer songwriter Chris Phillips, Adrian Davies on bass, Neil Rees on lead guitar and finally Dorian "Dozzer" Griffiths on drums. The set nearly brought the house down and the stage, with an impromptu percussion addition from some very lovely ladies in the crowd! 
Tech stuff...Mostly shot with my Nikon D810 and a 85mm F1.4 Prime Nikon lens, ISO 3200 or thereabouts. The clarity was great especially with the challenging ​luminescent lighting back drop! Taking my Mac with me to download images to in-between sessions, was a great idea and saved me from filling lots of memory cards. Anyway, was a great event and challenging to be almost 12 hours not stop photography! Here are a few of my choice images! 


Degsy Williamson - The Oasis Experience  Degsy WilliamsonDegsy Williamson

Chris Phillips - The Oasis Experience

Chris PhillipsChris Phillips

Neil Rees - The Oasis Experience 

The Oasis ExperienceThe Oasis Experience






Excited ... yes I am!

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All I can say is watch this space! I have just been given a wonderful job.... it is everything I love about Wales, places and photography! Thanks to Tim and Nicky for the wonderful commission... I can't wait to get started!  Watch this space! 

Autumn is drawing near...

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The business of Summer is coming to a close, and I have been reflecting on some of the highs of the 7 weeks spent in the varying elements. The Green Man Festival was certainly one of them. Three days of sun, rain, wind and grass turning to mud. But, what a lovely opportunity see the human race in all its glory. From children to adults, people of all diversity and music, lots of music. Seeing LUSH, Warpaint, Tinder Sticks, White Denim all stood out for me, although I quite often just sat and people watched, with my camera of course. Trips to Pembroke with kids, without kids. All good. Photographing Owls for Abergavenny Food Festival and the National Eisteddfod, mountains and much more. Now as Autumn approaches a chance to regroup enjoy the long shadows and warmth cast by the setting sun. Please take a loot at my galleries to see to only my commercial and commissioned work but the things I'm passionate about... enjoy! x

Theresa Wayman of "War Paint" Green Man Festival 2016 ​T

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