Time flies !

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well my last post related to my exhibition 'Multiplicity' at the Theatr Brycheiniog in Brecon! You never realise the amount of work involved in producing a show, promoting it and preparing for the opening night until you have been through that experience! You also learn a lot. For me working out how to display the images was a great challenge! Different pieces worked in different ways with other images. Anyway my advice is go with your gut instinct! Lots of people will have a view, but I have to say following my own feelings worked best! With the help of some great freinds (Mark especially!) we hung the exhibition. A short time to relax and then enjoy my private view! 

It's a bit like the film quote 'if you build it they will come', and after some vagueness of who and how many would come, I was actually very humbled to have may artist and photographer friends and colleagues come and join me. With esteemed artists such as Niel Bally, Susan Milne, Katherine Sheers, Helen Watkins, and photographers Mark Zytynski and Ian Geere, I was thrilled that they came to see my work. After several sales of images, and fantastic comments, the whole ordeal of mounting, and positioning on walls seemed worth the effort. The evening culminated with me back with my camera in hand and taking some shots for a locally promoted film, The Antwerp Dolls who had their Premiere directly after my private view.... home to bed and a well earned cup of tea! The images from my show are now available for sale on my website. However some pieces are available pre framed from the exhibition, please email me if you are interested in any of them! Ann 



Little helping hands...

Traces Art Exhibition - The Tabernacle Venue, Talgarth

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I am delighted to have worked with three amazing artists who are having their exhibition during Hay Festival Week at The Tabernacle, Talgarth. Seeing the final pieces after observing them in creation through the lens is wonderful. Please do go and see it!


Musicians Against Homelessness in Cardiff Announcement

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I was very delighted to be contacted by the promotors of the 'Musicians Against Homelessness' event in Cardiff with a proposition. Having seen me working recently at The Tabernacle with one of the artists performing at the event, I was asked if I would like to do the official photography! How could I refuse? So I will be there on 8 October with a great line up of bands as well as doing some work just before for the publicity! Fantastic to join the team on this event and supporting a great cause with CRISIS UK. Pictured below Danny Blackmore and one of the performers 'Degsy Williamson of The Oasis Experience'. 
Danny along with Joanna Jones are the event promotors. To book tickets : Tickets now on Sale for our gig with "Musicians Against Homelessness "http://www.wegottickets.com/event/361245.  

Rainy day chores and reflections

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Whilst attacking the cleaning of my oven this morning with some gusto, my mind drifted away to the places which have inspired me photographically over the years. Iceland is certainly one of them! Having ridden around many parts of that far away isolated country many times over the years, I was always armed with two 35 mm film cameras, one being a panoramic and one standard fixed lens camera. You have to have been there to understand why you needed both in those days!  Horses have always been a passion, I was hugely inspired by the spirited animals and dramatic landscapes.  I’m still proud of those images taken whilst the reins were between my teeth in full Tolt! I even managed to make an hour long film one year! Though it took nearly 12 months to edit and put together. Those experiences and the desire to capture the essence of what I had seen and experienced encouraged my passion for the photographic image. Looking back I have come a long way! I some times wonder which came first the view or the camera?

Remembering my first camera, a Russian Zenit 35 mm from my art Foundation Course, and too long ago to say when, I think that is was then when the seed was sown. I still have contact sheets from those early days and still have the camera! Thanks to Steven Sasson of Eastman Kodak, in 1975 who developed the first digital camera my path was always going to go in that direction. My first digital was an early Kodak with a small SD card slot which I think held a 250 k card. Would need to check, as I still have that camera too! 

Over the years I moved onto to Fuji models and had many successful images. In 2011 I'm moved to Nikon and have never looked back. Now shooting in full frame FX and having honed my eye,  I find that I get huge enjoyment on shoots. Whether it be with people, animals or a pile of crumbling rocks from an old Welsh ruin. I guess you never loose the excitement in the pit of your stomach of when you see the view through the lens and press the button. I must revisit my film photography and drag some of my favourites back out in to daylight! 

Anyway for now it’s back to cleaning the oven … I have Banana bread to bake later! 

Whilst I’m doing that, you can read this great article from the New York Times about the birth of digital and why I get so excited about it! 

Picture credit 'Steve Kelly / megapixel.co.il


A visit to Theatr Brycheiniog today to look at spacing...

May 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

​I popped into the Theatr Brycheiniog today to speak to Nigel who has been diligently organising my exhibition. Speaking to him we discussed hanging and spacing options, people and publicity and it suddenly occurred to me, it's only two weeks tomorrow! Whilst I was there and speaking to the multi-talented Jamie Huish, I was able to persuade him to come and play during the Private View, which is wonderful!  So thank you Jamie!
(Here is a little photo of this very talented young man I have photographed several times!)


Jamie HuishJamie Huish

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