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A conference facilitated by Baroness Eluned Morgan AM for Mid and West Wales at Gwernyfed High School, Powys.
Conference was held at Gwernyfed High School PowysEluned Morgan AM for Mid and West WalesSir Keir Starmer debating BREXITEluned Morgan on stage with Lord Niel KinnockLord John KerrBaroness Eluned Morgan AM Mid and West WalesSir Keir StarmerSir Keir StarmerRt Hon Sir Neil Kinnock and Baroness Eluned MorganSir Keir StarmerEluned Morgan AMLord John KerrSir Keir StarmerSir Keir StarmerLord John KerrSir Keir StarmerLord John KerrLord John KerrLord John Kerr